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Gudrun Marteinsdottir

Guðrún Marteinsdóttir, Professor

I am a professor of fisheries science at the University of Iceland. I have coordinated many international and national research projects on structure, reproduction and dynamics of cod and other commercially important species (e.g. METACOD). My most recent focus has been on life history evolution and local adaptation of cod populations, and investigation of phenotypically distinct behavioral types.


Steven Campana, Professor

To be written.

Kai the sailer

Kai Logemann, Postdoc

'Hydrodynamic modelling of Icelandic waters'

My research focuses on the development and application of an adaptive mesh hydrodynamic ocean model and on the physical basics of Iceland’s marine ecosystem.


Niall McGinty, Postdoc

Temporal and spatial indices of primary and secondary production in Icelandic waters’

I am a marine spatial ecologist with particular interests in modelling phytoplankton and zooplankton responses to changes in climate and local hydrodynamic conditions. I am currently involved in the EU project SEAMAN focusing on the development of 3D indices of temporal and spatial variation in primary (and secondary production) using outputs derived from the CODE hydrodynamic model.


Jónas Páll Jónasson, PhD student

'Recruitment of cod and other commercially important fish species'

My research focuses on the early life stages of fishes and recruitment patterns in general.  That involves using models that predict the influence of currents on offspring dispersal and survival in regards to fluctuations in the environment ("particle tracking").


William Butler, PhD student 

'Impact of climate change on processes that influence survival of Atlantic cod eggs and larvae in Icelandic waters'

I'm examining the three-way interaction between freshwater runoff, phytoplankton dynamics and survival/fate of early fish life stages (cod, haddock and saithe). Multiple freshwater runoff scenarios will be generated to examine the influence of climate change and damming on this interaction.


Hlynur Bárðarson, PhD student 

'Understanding and identifying the sub-stock structure in the Icelandic cod stock'

To be written

Teresa Silva

Teresa Silva, PhD student 

'Ecology of euphausiids in Icelandic waters'

The overarching aims of this project are to study the ecological role of euphausiids in the Icelandic marine ecosystem. This will be done by studying the distribution, population structure and long-term changes of euphausiids around Iceland in relation with environmental parameters, as well as elucidating the role euphausiids play in biomass and carbon sequestration within the marine ecosystem mainly off the southwest coast.


Cecilia Kvaavik, PhD student 

'Identification of Atlantic mackerel (Scomber Scombrus L.) spawning grounds in Icelandic waters and the effect of different climate change scenarios'

The overall aim of my project is to use already developed genetic methods, which combined with particle tracking in different climate change scenarios, will address the origin of the mackerel stocks around Iceland and give a clear picture of their distribution pattern, possible spawning areas and nursery areas for future management of the stock.


Fraser Cameron, PhD student

'Cod lunacy: Assessing the entrainment and adaptive significance of environmental cycles on the timing of Atlantic cod reproduction'

My research aims to evaluate cyclical behaviour in Atlantic cod over full spawning seasons. I will be investigating the hormonal and histological changes in cod with respect to lunar and semi-lunar cycles, and using acoustic transmitter tags within a sensor array to explore cyclical reproductive behaviour and spawning aggregation dynamics.


Jed Macdonald, PhD student

Hydrodynamic Information Systems.

This project will explore links between fish species' distributions and environmental and biotic variables, in an effort to better understand the biophysical processes influencing the occurrence and abundance of commercially important fishes in Icelandic waters.


Egill Guðmundsson, MSc student

'The role of sound production in Atlantic cod spawning'

The main objective of my research is to assess the importance of sound production in connection with mate selection and spawning success of Atlantic cod. By using new innovative technology, this will be assessed at the individual level for the first time.


Elzbieta Baranowska, MSc student

'Daily growth of juvenile European plaice (Pleuronectes platessa)'

To be written.


Ásthildur Erlingsdóttir, MSc student

'Parasites in deep-sea and oceanic redfish (Sebastes mentella) with emphasis on Sphyrion lumpi (Krøyer, 1845) in Icelandic waters'

The aim of my research is to look at the parasitic fauna of deep-sea and oceanic redfish (Sebastes mentella) and focus on the ectoparasitic copepod Sphyrion lumpi, it's distribution, infestation intensity and origin. With deeper knowledge of the parasite fauna we can e.g. assess stock structure with more confidence and increase the commercial value of the species.


Sigurvin Bjarnason, MSc student

'How old are we? Age structure and rationalized utilisation of nephrops in Icelandic waters'

The main objective of my research is to improve nephrops stock-assessment with accurate age determination. It is based on a recently published research that defines certain body parts of lobsters that can give standardized information on age. Accurate age determination is essential for stock assessment.

Bruce temp image

Bruce McAdam, Postdoc

'Individual based modelling of cod'

Computer based simulations can help uncover aspects of fish behaviour and stock structure. This project aims to complement other research in the area with different types of individual based modelling. 


Guðni Magnús Eiríksson, Postdoc

'Population genetics of Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua'


Pamela Wood, Postdoc

'Bottom-up controls in fisheries management and adaptation to climate change'

I am analyzing how regulations are used in to balance the actual catch against individual quotas in the Icelandic demersal fisheries. To do this, I analyze how species transformations have been used by fisherman over time, and use this information to inform a bioeconomic model representing the fisheries with these rules in place.


Tim Grabowski, Postdoc

'Mapping of the phenotypic diversity of cod in Icelandic waters with an emphasis on reproductive and feeding ecology and behavior'

My research focused on the role phenotypic diversity in behavior, physiology, and ecology plays in the creation and maintenance of fine-scale population structure in the Icelandic cod stock.


Anthony Taabu Munyaho, PhD student

'Ecosystem based models for stock assessment of commercial fisheries resources of Lake Victoria, East Africa' 

My research takes a holistic approach to stock assessment of commercial fisheries of Africa´s inland sea, Lake Victoria. I utilize fishery independent data collected through hydroacoustic and bottom trawl surveys, in addition to fishery dependent data. The goal of my study is to evaluate the impact of various forces (exploitation and environment) on observed spatial and temporal distribution of fish stocks in Lake Victoria.


Heather Philp, PhD student

Improving the gain of the Icelandic lobster fishery in Iceland’

I am using a range of biological and economic analyses to both address specific quality issues within the lobster fishery and to identify areas where value can be added to the product throughout the processing chain.


Heidi Pardoe, PhD student

'Spatial and temporal variation in life history traits of Atlantic cod in Icelandic waters'

My research focused on spatial and temporal variation in the life history strategy of Icelandic cod, in particular age and size at maturation, and identifying the factors that are likely to have contributed to this variability.


Klara Björg Jakobsdóttir, PhD student

'Long-term genetic structure of spawning cod in Icelandic waters'

The main objectives of my research are to investigate long-term genetic stability, effective population size and possible impacts of fishing on the genetic structure of Icelandic cod (Gadus morhua).


Erna K. Oskarsdóttir, MSc student

'Chimaera species in Icelandic waters'

My research focused on Chimaera (Holocephali: Chimaeriformes) species living in the deep sea around Iceland. The research ranged from describing biological parameters like age, growth and maturity, to examining changes in spatial and temporal distributions due to ocean warming.


Lilja Stefansdóttir, MSc student

Groundfish assemblages and diversity in Icelandic waters’

My research looked at groundfish assemblages in Icelandic waters in relation to environmental factors and the diversity of the groundfish during a period of rapid warming (1996-2007).


Lísa Anne Libungan, MSc student

'Local adaptation and variation in life history reaction norms among sub-populations of cod in Icelandic waters'

My research focused on the comparison of temperature-induced differences in growth and life history reaction norms of larvae from two sub-populations of Icelandic cod.


Lovísa Guðmundsdóttir, MSc student

'Variation in egg buoyancy and composition associated with intra-stock diversity of Icelandic cod'

My research focuses on mechanisms that influence early survival of cod. I will estimate and compare buoyancy and other qualities of cod eggs among different genetic components of the cod stock. I will also look into the effects of currents and stratification on the vertical distribution of cod eggs and the possible effects of climate change.


Viðar Engilbertsson, MSc student

'Inter-annual Variation in Fat Content of Capelin (Mallotus villosus)'

The aim of the project is to study and quantify the variation in capelin fat content over the last four decades, and to examine the effect of environmental and stock related factors on capelin fat content.

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