MARICE: Marine Academic Research in Iceland

Marine Academic Research in Iceland (MARICE)

is a research group at the University of Iceland
Our group membership is diverse consisting of faculty, postdocs and students currently originating from Iceland, UK, Germany, Portugal, Australia and Uganda. Our diversity is also reflected in the wide breadth of scientific research pursued by group members and their collaborators.

However, the Icelandic marine environment is the common theme and focus of MARICE research activities. We investigate life history variation; reproductive biology; behavioural and physiological ecology; population genetics; marine biogeography and phylogeography; and utilise statistical, ecological, and oceanographic modelling tools to do so. 

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Current News - In Brief

Journal of Great Lakes ResearchAnthony

[12.2013] Anthony publishes a paper on the distribution and exploitation of Nile perch

Congratulations to Anthony who has published a paper in the Journal of Great Lakes Research. The paper describes trends and pattens of exploitation of Nile perch in relation to periods of thermal stratification and mixing in Africa's largest lake; Lake Victoria. It illustrates how environmental parameters (dissolved oxygen and temperature) interact to  compress the lake habitat available to fish thus increasing fish vulnerability to pelagic set gears. The paper can be found here

Marsýn award

[11.2013] Marsýn ehf selected as one of the best companies contributing innovative ideas to marine industry

Marsýn ehf was selected as one of the three best ideas contributing to marine industry at the Marine Conference Innovation Competition. Also receiving an innovation award from Islandsbanki for modelling wave heights around Iceland.

Herring award

[11.2013] Jed receives award from Herring Research Fund

Congratulations to Jed MacDonald who received a grant from the Herring Research Fund for a project that has the main objective to forecast the distribution of herring based on ocean conditions from CODE.


Ocean Science

[11.2013] New paper in Ocean Science

Congratulations to Kai and Guðrún, whose paper "The circulation of Icelandic waters - a modelling study" has been accepted by Ocean Science. The paper discusses the latest simulation of CODE, covering the period between 1992-2006, which revealed several new insights into the regional oceanography of Icelandic waters. One of the outcomes is a proposed new cirulation scheme for Icelandic waters. The work was done in collaboration with the Marine Research Institute and the Icelandic Meteorological Office. You can find the paper here.



[10.2013] NorMER annual meeting 2013

MARICE members Guðrún, Hlynur, Jed, Pam and Will attended the 2013 annual NorMER meeting in Reykjavik. The meeting bought together NorMER members and partners to present and discuss work, build collaborations and welcome new members.

The meeting was followed by a course in Fisheries Management taught by NorMER postdocs. This covered economic and biological aspects of fisheries management, the latter section taught by Pam Wood, as well as a field excursion to Grindavík.

The winners

[10.2013] Success at ICES!

MARICE members Hlynur Bárðarson and Bruce McAdam (alumni) won the prize for best student poster at ICES 2013. The poster was entitled Reassembling broken otoliths for population discrimination" and encouraged readers to test their visual acuity by trying to discern between whole and reassembled otoliths. Congratulations Hlynur and Bruce.


[09.2013] ICES comes to Iceland

The 2013 ICES Annual Science Conference is taking place in Harpa Conference Centre, Reykjavik. MARICE has numerous contributions, you can have a look here.


[09.2013] MARICE welcomes a new postdoc, Niall

Niall McGinty has joined MARICE for a postdoc. He will be developing 3D indices for primary and secondary production. The work will be carried out in collaboration with the Marine Research Institute, and is closely linked to the SEAMAN and Marsýn projects. Welcome Niall!


[08.2013] Kristín successfully defends MSc thesis at Lund University!

Congratulations to MARICE friend Kristín Ágústdóttir who successfully defended her Masters thesis "Fishing from space: mackerel fishing in Icelandic waters and correlation with satellite variables" at Lund University. The abstract can be found here, and the findings have also been reported at Fréttablaðið and Morgunblaðið.

Lovísa (with a cod)

[08.2013] Lovísa successfully defends MSc thesis!

Congratulations to MARICE member Lovísa Guðmundsdóttir who successfully defended her Masters thesis "Intra-stock diversity in egg specific gravity of Atlantic cod in Icelandic waters".

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